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Start Your Locs The Right Way

Best Product For Locs

7 To Knows Before You Loc Your Hair

At the Locitude Studio we recommend starting your locs with the comb twist method but will always do a consultation with first timers to help determine the right method on an individual basis.


Linda's first appointment was on the 26th of July, 2017. She had done the big chop in November of 2016 and had grown our barely 2 inches of her hair by the time we started her locs. Her Locs were started using the comb twist method. To read more about Linda's journey click here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest you take a seat if you aren’t, strap on your seat belt and wait for it….


This product is the best thing nature has to offer, the most effective and affordable to all classes of income. It’s easy to purchase and available in all parts of the earth known to man. I know you are thinking “it has to be WATER” but no you are wrong. It is even more accessible because you already have it, I promise not to keep you waiting for much longer…. But let me just say this when you use it, it is guaranteed to work wonders; not just for locking your hair but for attaining length too. This product is the best, when in doubt use it and you’ll never regret it. Now let me introduce you to the one and only product guaranteed to loc your hair….


Put your hands together for….. “TIME”.

People with locs often get a lot of compliments when their locs are healthy and well groomed, however most of the compliments end with "I can never Loc my hair", "I can never carry the same hair do forever" , the "I can never" excuses are endless.

If you really like to loc your hair or just started, below are few tips on what to expect/ come to terms with. Some of the stuff  are common-sensical but some others you'll be grateful we are telling. 
Click here to get right into it.


We publish Loc related videos on maintenance, product reviews and DIY styling tips every Thursday. You can get started with our most watched video discussing the pros and cons of loc re-tightening methods, Interlocking and Palm rolling.

Hope you enjoy and subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video. Don't forget to drop a comment with your thoughts. xoxo.

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