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Talking Locs with Locitude

We are so proud of this new addition to the Locitude platform. The Talking Locs Podcast started as a mini series about five to ten minutes long sharing tips on starting out and maintaining locs. In our second season titled Every Day People with Locs we featured 12 loc heads from around the world sharing their experiences, addressing stereotypes and perceptions of people with locs.

New episodes of our brand new limited series - Meet the Experts are being released weekly starting first week of September where we speak to a Trichologist, Loctician, Psychologists, Product Manufacturer, Nutrition expert and a dematologist. Stay tuned in and please don't forget to subscribe.

You can listen on  YouTube, Google, Spotify, Apple, Amazon music, Audible, Deezer, Stitcher podcasts or our RSS feed

by clicking on any of the image links below. Enjoy and subscribe!

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