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The 5R Hair Conference

Hey guys,


Save the date! Get your tickets! I am honoured to be a part of these amazing women participating in The 5R Hair Conference, happening virtually Dec 10 - Dec 11, 2021. I (Ade Balogun of @locitude) will speak on - Locs: Start it, Grooming it & Growing it. I'm preparing a packed presentation with relatable, useful and important information for wherever you may be on your loc journey or whatever part of the world you are.


Restart, Regrow, Rejuvenate, Retain & Restore!!!


This event is put together by @africanaturalistas. Click on images below to find out more.

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Past events

Opening soon, Locitude US

We are excited at the opening of our new studio on a different continent. The all new Locitude Studio opens on August 7, 2021. We will be located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, MD, United States of America.

You can be one of the first to get in, reserve a seat for a first timers discount here. We can't wait to be of service!

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-22 at

Africaniwa presents: Hairxpress yourself - Exploring the past, present and future of Afro Hair

Hair, an extension of ourselves. Often times a very powerful tool in expressing one's self but the enigma of the Afro hair.

Some sort of magical potency it seems to possess. The only hair that defies gravity and obeys not the wind. Yet no other race puts their hair through this tireless case. Join us to discover and uncover the past, present and future of the Afro hair in HAIRXPRESS YOURSELF.

Join us as some of our finest tribes men and women including @Locitude share their lived experience as guardians of this absolutely incredible kind of hair texture.

Please purchase a ticket for FREE via the link  and join us for a shared experience.

Topic: Africaniwa: Hairxpress Yourself
Time: May 28, 2021 06:00 PM London
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Meeting ID: 825 6851 9596
Passcode: 875417

Who sets the standards on what is perceived as acceptable hair on an African? Why are we afraid of the kink in our roots? How do we redefine the standard of Beautiful African hair?


In recognizing who we are, we able to respect and improve ourselves as individuals; in turn our immediate environment and the world. Redefining The Beauty of African Hair is a conversation that will dig deep in examining our self worth as Africans starting with our crowns. In the famous words of Lucille Ball "Love yourself first and then everything else falls into line".

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